Found a Paradise in Danasan

The true beauty of Cebu lies beyond the valleys, hills, forests and trees. A place I never thought existed. A place I never thought I would find in Cebu. When I was busy dreaming of farther places, of places I can only live imagining with and would take years for me to get there only to find out I could live that dream that would only take me not years but hours.

I was torn between going to Simala and Danasan. Both places I’ve not yet visited. One in the south and the other one in the north. And it was fate who made the choice for me.

I traveled alone from Lapu-Lapu to Danao fish port where I will meet up with my group and where our service from Danasan Eco Park will fetch us and take us to the resort.

The 1-hour-ride didn’t bother me. The fun conversation among the group and the beautiful view of the mountains drive out our attention from the bumpy roads, steep slopes and curves. Every turn opens a great sight. The trees would give way to the view behind it. People along the way would stop and greet us with a sweet smile.  I wish we would stop whenever we could get to see a great view and take a photo but the driver wouldn’t let us so I just have to enjoy the moment and capture those images in my mind instead of my camera.

Dansan Eco Adventure Park, indeed a great place for adventure seekers. ATV, wakeboarding, horseback riding and wall climbing are a few of the activities you could enjoy here. Aside from that, you could also find your own peace of mind and relaxation by just walking around this 133 hectare land surrounded with beautiful trees, hills, cottages and flowers.

I was unprepared, my budget is, so I didn’t have the luxury to try all the activities. I can only get one activity and I chose wakeboarding. I’m glad I tried it. Never thought I will find this fun and exciting. I thought this is a dangerous and difficult sport but I was wrong the whole time. Most of the group are first timers and we had to laugh at each other on each turns. Falling every time we try to get up. It wasn’t easy at first but we eventually learned to maneuver the wakeboard, balance our self and get through each ends falling less than the first time around.

When you’re out there, you only have yourself and the wakeboard. I almost gave up. I always fall and it was frustrating how I couldn’t manage to stand up and ride the wakeboard just like everyone else. When I fall down, no one is there to help me get up but my self. If I don’t get up, I won’t make it back to the other end where the others are waiting. So I have to believe in myself. To believe that if others can do it, why can’t I. I have to remember what the instructor said “Hold on to the bar and never pull it. Just let it pull you. Stand firm with knees bent.” This keeps on repeating in my head. And surprisingly, my body cooperated. I made it. The fear of not getting it right has vanished. I just have to believe in my self.

If we let our fear take over, nothing good will ever happen and we will just fall down. Sometimes, those falls teaches us some lessons. From it we learned how to balance our selves to be able to ride on every struggles we have and be able to get through it the second time.

It   was fulfilling how I was able to go home that day with one item to cross off my  bucket list.

Bucket list: wakeboard

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