I Left my Heart in Boracay


The feeling and experience from this trip is overwhelming. I feel lighter, more relax and happier. Genuinely happy.

Love at first sight.

I suddenly fell in-love with Boracay. From the airport to the beach, I just love everything that I see. The picture of a place that I have imagined since I was a little girl was laid out before my eyes. The people are nice and friendly. The place was organize. For a first timer like me, you wouldn’t get lost there. You could easily find a tricycle that would take you to the port. It was nice that at the airport they already provided a stand where you could buy the ticket for the tricycle + boat. So everything went smoothly. And when i get to the port, though it was just small, it was still a pretty sight for me coz it was clean. And i get a first glance of the water of Boracay. It was really clear.


It was surprising how short the boat trip was. For about a few minutes we already landed in the Island of Boracay. We even thought they could have just put a bridge from Tabon port to the island but i still think it would be cool with just the boat though. It adds more adventure and fun.

1st hotel (stayed 2 nights) : 

2nd hotel (stayed 1 night):

First taste of Boracay beach!!!

Things to do at daytime.

Boracay has a lot to offer. Not just its white sand and cool breeze and clear water. To name a few, you could do parasailing, island hopping, helmet diving, kite surfing, paraw sailing, flying fish, banana boat and jet ski. You could avail those stuff at an affordable price. If you are wise enough, you could haggle at a much lower price. In our case, we hop in from one person (who offers those activities and you will meet them everywhere along the beach) to another and cancel the booking from the previous person and tell them someone offered us a lower price so the previous person would offer us now a much lower price.

Most of their water sports activities are located on the other side of the island, far from the beachfront resorts. It was organize.

You could also stroll along  the beach and do some shopping or window shopping at D’Mall or at D’Talipapa. I love strolling at D’Mall. I love the concept of their mall. You could buy a lot of souvenirs at an affordable price. You could also buy a lot of beach attire.

strolling along the beach:

strolling at D’Mall:

strolling at D’Talipapa:

You could also have your hair braid at 150php. But it depends on the design. The more complicated, the more expensive. It was really cool. Been wanting to try this after reading some blogs about Boracay :

You could also have a henna tattoo. Maiza got hers at 80php.

Things to do at night.

It’s time to unwind. You’ll enjoy listening to bands from different bars. There are also disco clubs and fire dancers where you could enjoy taking pictures with. I really love watching the Boracay Phoenix Fire Dancers from Beach Bum Bar. They entertain me the most and you can watch them for free or you could also donate if you want.

You will also enjoy the different buffet/eat-all-you-can from different restaurants. They even allow you to take a look at first on their menu before you can decide whether to eat there or not. And if your feet get tired from walking, you could have a massage and they are everywhere. I’ve wanted to try it but never get the chance.


I wish I live there. I wish i could live there like permanently. I will really go back there. I still have a lot of things to do. We are not yet through Boracay. I shall return!

Trip Date: Sept.28 – Oct. 1, 2012

Some of our expenses:

  1. Parasailing at 600php

  2. Helmet diving at 150php

  3. Island hopping at 650php

  4. Dinner Buffet all through out our stay at 570 and 290

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