The island that must not be named: Nalusuan Island


The island that must not be named.

I don’t find the pleasure of saying the name of this island. For Cebuanos like me, the word is ridiculous. Let me give you a small background how this island got its name. (credit to WIkipedia)

The island was originally and locally known as “kalusuan” meaning “a place of penises” in Cebuano. The local fishermen named it as such because the waters surrounding the island is teeming with sea cucumbers, which looked like the male genitalia.

But don’t judge a place  by its name. It’s just a paradise in disguise.


We are just naturally born girl scouts and boy scouts. We already bought our own food and drinks beforehand coz as expected, the prices on the island are twice or thrice higher than the standard retail price. Well they asked for 200 corkage fee for all our food and with our convincing power, they waived the corkage fee for our lechon.

We were actually right. Look how much we would have spent if we bought drinks on the island.

How to get there.

You can take a banca from Cordova port to the Island.

Kids enjoying the beach and ignoring the scorching heat of the sun.

You will have to hire your own banca coz there are no public bancas that will go to the island. We hired 1 banca which is good for 20 people for 3000php. Our contact is Rico Guzman (mobile: 09228361941). The boatmen are friendly and they even helped us carry our things to and from the island.

It was a 30-minute ride going to the island. It’s not that really far.

Arrival at Nalusuan Island.

Just like what I said, it’s a paradise in disguise. The water that surrounds it was so clear and so inviting.

NOTE: entrance fee is 200php/pax

Getting around the place.

Let these images tell you how beautiful this island is.

They’ve got a restaurant. If you forgot to bring your food, you can eat at their resto but I doubt it would be cheap. I haven’t checked their menu though.

They also got some tables and chairs around just outside their resto where you could set-up your food. It’s for free.

They have an area where you could do some activities. This place is ideal for team building.

They also have a table tennis area. They have it for rent at 300php. But you could also avail it for free at 4pm where only a few people are left on the island.

The best thing to do here is snorkeling.

NOTE: I suggest bring your own snorkeling gears as their snorkeling gears in the island may ran out of stock due to a lot of people renting it or having it reserved beforehand, which happened to us 😦

It is rich with different sea creatures.

One cool thing here is the volleyball net set-up in the water. This is how it looks from high tide to low tide.

There are no high peak and low peak here. Only high tide and low tide 😀


For day use, we rented one double occupancy non-aircon room at 900+php. Their room was really nice. Who needs an aircon when you can get it fresh and free.

NOTE: shower costs 100php per pax, but they give 2 complimentary showers for a room. With our convincing power again, we only paid 50 for our showers 🙂

It would have been nice if we stayed here for a night. I love staying at the veranda coz it’s really relaxing.

Our day in the island ended at 5:30pm, we were halfway to witnessing the sunset </3… I’ll definitely come back here for an overnight this time!

DIY Tripper,


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