About DIY Trippers

Welcome to my travel blog!

Hi, I'm Rose.


DIY Trippers started in 2013 when I wrote about my adventures together with my friends and workmates. After leaving the Philippines, I continued to travel with my relatives and I even traveled solo. Now I travel most of the time with my husband.


Writing a blog about my travels is my way of reliving those moments and sharing helpful tips based on my experience.


When it comes to traveling, I research a lot. I find it very helpful when people share their personal experiences during their travels. So I'm sharing my own travel experience through my blog.

I made traveling possible with a small budget. I usually travel with no tour guides but only with a map and the information I got through research.


DIY trips are more fun and memorable. And most of all, they can be cheap! It may be scary at first but fulfilling once you’ve made that trip. You remember every detail of your trip and encounter many exciting things along the way. So I encourage everyone out there to travel and make their Do-It-Yourself Trips.


This travel blog features my adventures and misadventures. By writing about my travel experiences, I hope to share with you the fun, excitement, practicality, and sense of accomplishment that you can have on DIY trips.

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