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About DIY Trippers

Hi, I'm Rose.


​I began DIY Trippers in 2013 by writing about my adventures with my friends and colleagues. In the years after I left the Philippines, I continued to travel with my relatives as well as on my own. In recent years, my husband and I have traveled most of the time together.


​I enjoy writing blogs about my travels as a way of reliving those moments and sharing helpful tips. Research is one of the things I do when it comes to traveling. It is beneficial for me to hear people's personal experiences when they travel. So I thought I would also share my travel experience by blogging to help others.


I managed to travel on a small budget. Usually, I go on my own, without any tour guides, and rely only on my map and research to find out where to go.​ It is more fun and memorable to take a DIY trip. The best part is that they can be inexpensive! You may feel scared at first, but once you make it, it will be fulfilling. Every detail of your trip is etched in your memory, and you encounter many exciting things along the way. Therefore, I encourage everyone out there to travel and make their own Do-It-Yourself adventures.​


My travel blog chronicles my adventures and misadventures around the world. With my blog, I hope to share with you the fun, excitement, practicality, and sense of accomplishment that DIY trips can bring.


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