A Beginner’s Must Have or Must Know in Camping

Camping surely looks fun and exciting that you’ll overlook the tiny details you need to prepare and immediately jump into a spontaneous trip with your friends. Camping is no joke. It’s a serious matter that needs proper planning.

Just because it’s camping, doesn’t mean you only need to bring a tent and you can live with that. No! Here is the important stuff I learned from my first camping/mountain climbing/trekking adventure.

Things to prepare:

  1.  Water – you will surely need this coz you’ll get thirsty from the hours of trekking. In our case, we made sure each one of us should bring liter of water. Just enough to keep us hydrated.

  2.  Flashlight – in a typical camping trip, your only source of light is your flashlight. Each one of us also brought a flashlight to help us see in the dark.

  3. Canned goods – for easy preparation and portability. Forget about bringing eggs.

  4. Portable cooking stove & butane – these stuff are available in the market at a low cost. They are very helpful in camping for easy and faster cooking.

  5. Plastic wares – most of the time we tend to forget these but they are very useful.

  6. Wet tissue – we could not afford to use our liter of water to wash our hands or utensils, this is where wet tissue can be of great use.

  7. Swiss knife – it has most of the cutting/opening utensils you need and is very portable. It is also safe to bring.

  8. Tent – one very important thing to bring camping. I suggest you bring a smaller tent so it wouldn’t be difficult to bring and so you could just tie it to your bag unless you have good guys in the group whom you could ask to bring your tent for you :).

  9. Sleeping bag – one thing I’ve regretted was not bringing a sleeping bag. I didn’t expect the temperature could be unbearable at dawn that I wasn’t able to get a decent sleep.

  10. Carabiner – I see this stuff in stores a lot but I didn’t know it would be of great use to me until our camping trip. One important rule I learned from my camping buddies was “as much as possible, you should not carry something in your hand”. This is where the carabiner came to view. We have to cling some of our stuff in our bags using carabiners.


Last but not least,

Playing cards and junk food – so you’ll have a fun night at the camp.