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6 Days in Norway: The Ultimate Road Trip Guide (with map)

While on our 6-day road trip in Norway, we wild camped in one of the scenic routes, traveled on a single-lane winding steep road, saw reindeer and moose in the wild, slept next to a stunning lake, hiked to a majestic waterfall, took a scenic train ride, drove through multiple tunnels, had a sauna near a lake, and explored fairytale towns by the fjords.

We visited Norway in August when summer was still in full swing and the days were long. However, it rained a lot in the southwestern part of the country where we were. As a result, one of our routes became inaccessible because of a landslide. Our unfortunate event turned out to be a blessing since it allowed us to take a scenic route that we hadn't planned.

Table of Contents

Day 1: Oslo and Flå

Getting our motorhome was the first step in our trip. The company we rented our motorhome from was MyCamper. Having driven a motorhome is a new experience for us. We really love it because it makes traveling convenient. We can camp anywhere without worrying about the rain. We can also cook, and use the toilet whenever and wherever we want. However, something was troubling us. We wondered if we would be able to drive with it along scenic routes, including up mountains and on narrow roads. It's a good thing we can. While traveling, we actually saw a lot of motorhomes.

When renting a vehicle in Norway, make sure to ask the owner if the car already has a registered toll tag that automatically deducts toll fees. There are discounts on toll fees for this kind of arrangement. You can read more about it on Autopass website.

Before we started our long journey, we decided to shop at Rema1000 Nannestad, a budget grocery store along the way to our destination, while in Oslo.

On the first night of our trip, we camped at Gulsvikvegen 155, 3539 Flå. Although it's in a lovely location right beside a beautiful lake, the downside is that it's also right beside the road, so it's not very quiet during the night.

Day 2: Lærdal, and Aurland

Starting in Lærdal, we drove along the Aurlandsfjellet scenic route. You can reach Aurland faster by traveling through the longest tunnel connecting the town to Lærdal, but then you will not be able to enjoy the breathtaking sights of snow-capped mountains, rivers, and waterfalls.

Near Hemsedalsfjell fylkesgrensa, we were surprised to see a herd of reindeer grazing by the field next to the road.

We stopped at the parking area at 61.103465, 7.431748. You will be able to enjoy breathtaking views of Sognefjord from the parking area.

There are multiple viewpoints along Aurlandsfjellet scenic route. The first viewpoint is Vedahaugane.


On Fv243, the road narrowed as we drove up the mountain. On our way to Vedahaugane, we passed rivers and waterfalls. You can see an art installation of a sleeping bear inside a cave at Vedahaugane, and the viewpoint offers a stunning view of the mountains surrounding it.

It was our first time driving on single-lane roads, so we were extra careful, especially on bends where you don't see the oncoming cars. After days of driving in Norway, we gradually became accustomed to driving on this kind of road.

Whenever driving on single-lane roads, you should be very patient, and give way to oncoming cars if you are close to passing spaces. There are passing spaces on either side of the road every few meters. Occasionally, motorcycles may appear behind you, so keep an eye out for them.

After driving 2.8 km, we arrived at our next stop, Flotane (Bjørgavegen, 5745 Aurland).


There is a waterfall and lake nearby the parking area in Flotane, which is only a short walk away. Because it was windy, raining, and cold during our visit, we did not have much time to explore. It is still possible to see patches of snow on the road here even in the summer.

In our descent from Flotane, we stopped at Stegastein's viewpoint. The descent involves driving along a winding road, which offers breathtaking views.

Stegastein’s Viewpoint

From Stegastein’s viewpoint, you can see Aurlandsvangen and the fjords in all their glory. It's no wonder that this viewpoint is popular. When we arrived, it was crowded and there were almost no parking spaces available.

One thing that amused me was the stunning view from the window of the nearby public restroom.

Stegastein's viepoint nearby toilet

As soon as we left Stegastein's viewpoint, we drove to our campsite, Lunde Camping.

Lunde Camping

This is one of my favorite campsites! The camp is surrounded by mountains and situated by a river. There are some cabins for rent, clean toilets, and a shower room with many cubicles. Several services for motorhomes are available here, such as a dumping station, a refilling station, and a charging station.

As soon as we secured our campsite, we decided to explore Aurlandsvangen.


It takes only 1.3km to reach Aurlandsvangen from the campsite. It is a charming little village. This is my favorite village on our Norway road trip. Grocery stores, gift shops, restaurants, and hotels are all available here. Views of Aurlandsfjorden can be enjoyed at the harbor nearby. The most appealing thing about this place is that it was relatively quiet when we were there.

Day 3: Aurland and Vøringsfoss

Originally, we planned to walk around Flåm, but heavy rain forced us to take the Flåmsbana instead. You have to travel 8.1 km to reach Flåmsbana from Lunde Camping.


Popular tourist activity in Flåm is riding the Flåm Railway (Flåmsbana). Flåmsbana is known for being the world's most beautiful train journey. I couldn't agree more. The train ride starts in Flåm and ends in Myrdal, a town located high up in the mountains.

On our journey, we were treated to breathtaking views of numerous waterfalls, colorful villages, rivers, and cloud-covered mountains. Videos and images cannot begin to convey how stunning the views from the train are. On both sides of the train, breathtaking landscapes can be seen, so there was never a dull moment.

After Flåm, we had planned to get to Undredal, but landslides prevented us from going. So we took a different route, which was scenic.

The Fv50 route

We drove from Flåm to Øyestølsvatnet, Aurland, Norway via Fv50. We stopped along the way at this google map location 60.875707, 7.265135.

Fv50 route

We then drove up the mountain passing through multiple tunnels until we reached this location 60.85533007878768, 7.306515562442637, with a small parking space that offers a breathtaking view of lake Vassbygdevatnet. As we approached the parking space, it was full so we drove on.

Still driving along road FV50 we made another quick stop at this location 60.80770665841871, 7.5592654179996535 in Øyestølsvatnet. The location is beautiful and the perfect place to rest.

The whole drive along Fv50 is one of my favorite drives. Most of the time we drove next to the lake. The landscape is stunning.

The Rv7 route

We decided to refill our supplies in Geilo, which meant leaving Fv50 and taking Rv7. After leaving the city, we again enjoyed the scenic journey along Rv7.

Rv7 route

Kjeldobu Parking

There are many places to park along the scenic RV7 road that are suitable for wild camping. We selected Kjeldobu Parking because it's a little bit off the main road. It's a quiet location but a popular camping spot. The road leading to it is close to Krossdalen. There are some rough spots on it, but it's safe to drive there in a motorhome.

Day 4: Vøringsfoss, and Odda

The next morning, we left the campsite early to visit the nearby Vøringfossen waterfall.


First, we visited the Mount observation point to see the waterfall from above.

Vøringfossen mount observation

Then we drove to Vøringfossen bottom hike to begin our hike. We hiked for 1.7km, however, the rough terrain made it difficult for us. We walked along muddy, slippery paths, giant boulders, and pointed rocks. The hike was challenging, but we enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the way.

If you hike here, be sure to keep an eye out for the red arrows and signs. We missed the sign on the way back, so instead of turning, we continued walking straight and ended up lost for a short time. Also, make sure you arrive early in the morning to find a parking space.

As soon as we finished the hike, we drove to Odda.


The drive to Odda is scenic. We drove beside lakes with unobstructed views. There were many lovely sights of farms beside the road on the slopes of the mountains. Just before we reached Odda, we passed through a roundabout lighted beautifully with blue lights inside the tunnel.

The campsite we stayed at is Camp Lothepus in Odda, which is not one of my favorites. The only thing I like about it is the unobstructed view of the fjord. However, it is very crowded. The campground has a toilet and only a few cubicles. It is just a short walk from the campsite to the town's grocery stores, souvenir shops, and restaurants. There is a lovely souvenir shop called Tut & Kjør that sells vintage car figures along with other goods.

A breathtaking view of the entire city is offered from the Opo River Viewpoint, which we visited before sunset. You're going uphill, so it's not an easy hike. To get there, simply follow the walking path next to the beautiful river. The viewpoint can, however, be reached quicker and easier by car. A parking space is available at the viewpoint.

Day 5: Røldal, Edland, and Dalen

After Odda, we made our way to Dalen, our camping destination for the day. Although we hadn't planned any stops along the way, the drive along RV13 and E134 was so breathtaking that we couldn't resist stopping multiple times.

While driving out of Odda, we stopped along Rv13 to observe the beauty of Sandvinvatnet lake and the mountains behind it.

Sandvinvatnet lake

After 14.7 kilometers, we reached Låtefossen Waterfall. You will not be able to miss this beautiful waterfall because it is right next to the bridge that you will be passing, and as you cross the bridge, the water will get you wet. Our disappointment was that when we arrived there was already a lot of traffic and no parking space was available.

Our next stop was at location 59.844277, 6.972895, where we could see Votna lake and surrounding mountains.

Votna Lake

After this, we traveled along the scenic route of Dyrskar.

Turistveg: Dyrskar (Scenic road)

The drive along this road was my favorite during our whole trip, making it seem like it was straight from the Game of Thrones. It is shown at the beginning and end of our Roadtrip in Norway video.

As we continued to drive along Road E134, we found a really nice spot to rest. I explored the nearby area where I saw the cute cotton grasses. It was sunny and chilly, and the fresh air made it perfect as we set up our camping tables and chairs. It was so peaceful there. The place is called Rasteplass ved Haukeli. It is a lovely place for lunch.

Following our break, we continued driving to Dalen, where we would camp.


In Dalen, we booked a sauna at Soria Moria Sauna. A beautifully designed sauna located in Lake Bandak with an unobstructed view. We had the sauna to ourselves for 2 hours as we enjoyed the breathtaking scenery. The experience was so soothing and relaxing after days on the road.

We finished our sauna at 12 midnight, so we just slept in a parking space near the sauna. We woke up early in the morning and continued driving to Oslo.

Day 6: Oslo

While driving out of Dalen on our way to 3891 Hydalsmo, Norway, we were pleasantly surprised by 3 moose. They were also surprised to see us. It was a delightful experience especially since it was my first time seeing this animal.

After driving in the southwestern part of the country, the drive to Oslo was not as interesting. Since our flight will leave from Oslo airport, we had to return to Oslo. Finding a parking space for our motorhome is a challenge when we arrived in Oslo. We found a parking area at DFDS in Vippetangkaia, 0150 Oslo. The area is within walking distance of the city center.

We drove to Ekeberg Camping after exploring the city. It is a huge camping ground. It is crowded, but there are enough toilets and shower rooms.

Wonderful road trip experience

Driving through Norway is filled with surprises. As you drive, you can see changing scenery. It is manageable to drive from one small town to another. The roads are well-paved, and the scenery is stunning. This trip was one of my favorites because we camped in the wilderness and ate our meals in beautiful surroundings. We felt safe where we camped.


Below is a map showing our stopovers in Norway.

Short film

During our Norway road trip, the following short film documents our adventures.

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