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Desert Camping in UAE

I have only been to three camping trips. One was in Osmena Peak, the other one was in Nagsasa and Anawangin Cove and this time in the beautiful desert in Dibba, United Arab Emirates.

I love camping trips. It brings out the kid in me. I love that feeling of being in the outdoor, breathing the fresh air, sleeping under the stars, witnessing sunrise and sunset, sharing a good laugh with friends and family, dancing and singing out loud without worrying much, and simply just enjoying.

What To Prepare?

Like every camping trips, you need to prepare cooking tools, tables, chairs, tents, sleeping bags, food, flashlights, and lots of water.

When Is The Best Time To Camp?

It’s best to camp during winter. Winter in UAE starts in November. Summer starts in April. Choose your date wisely.

What To Do In The Desert?

If you’re going to do a DIY desert camping trip like we did, the fun and excitement would totally be different. You will have the desert all to yourself. You can shout, sing, dance, run naked, do yoga, roll over the hills, and pretend like you’re someone else. It’s all up to you and no one would care. It’s like you own the place.

Things I Love The Most In This Trip

  1. Sunset. We made sure to arrive at the location before sunset. We arrived at around 4pm just to give us enough time to gather twigs, set-up the tent, tables, chairs and then took hundreds of photos to capture the beauty of the place.

  1. Dinner under the stars. Since there are no houses nor buildings nearby, the stars are visible. After a very long time of living in the city, this was the only time where I get to see thousands of stars. We can even trace-up the constellations.

  1. Sunrise. We woke-up at 5am, climbed up to the tallest hill and waited for the sun to come out. The wind was cold but it never bothered us. We just sat there and watch its beauty unfold before our eyes. Seeing the whole desert fresh with the morning dew, noticing no footprints except for the ones we made, and witnessing some areas still covered with fogs took our breaths away.

Here’s a friendly reminder, “Be a responsible camper”. Just because the desert was unguarded, doesn’t mean we can just do anything like leaving our trash behind after camping. I always believe in this saying, “Take nothing but memories leave nothing but footprints”. Let’s help preserve the beauty of nature for the next generation. For our future children who will soon leave their own footprints.

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