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Journey to Middle Earth

We traveled across Luzon to chase sunsets in Zambales and sunrises in Aurora. Being a girl didn’t stop us from committing on this trip. When we came across locals and told them that we were traveling on our own, they were amazed. How we made this trip possible? We packed our selves a bag of courage.

How we got there.

From Clark airport, we took the jeepney going to Dau terminal. Paid 50php each. From Dau terminal, we hopped on a bus going to Olongapo and paid 140php each. In Olongapo, we transfered to a bus going to San Antonio and paid 44php each. In San Antonio, we alighted at the waiting shed beside the municipal hall. We waited for the tricycle driver who will take us to the market and to Brgy. Pundaquit (the jump-off point to Nagsasa and Anawangin Cove). We already made an arrangement with JR Agasa (contact #09173809104) for this camping trip. The package costs 1600php per person. The package would be cheaper if you are in a bigger group. The package includes the following:

  1. Rountrip boatride in Nagsasa and Anawangin Cove (overnight stay)

  2. Tent

  3. Entrance fee for the two coves

  4. 5 gallons of mineral water

  5. 10pcs (big)ice with cooler

  6. Cooking wares

  7. Woods for bonfire

  8. Charcoal


Before we jumped on the boat going to the cove, we first visited the market and bought supplies. It includes chicken, hotdog, shrimp (my favorite), pork, bbq sticks, banana, rice, paper plates, plastic spoons, plastic cups, oil, sugar, salt, tomatoes, butter, garlic, soy sauce, lettuce, mayonnaise and charcoal (we weren’t informed that it was already included in the package). We paid more or less  a total of 800php. These are easy-to-prepare food. Most of which we just grilled except for the shrimp which we cooked on a pan with a melted butter on it – my favorite meal on this trip. There’s a very limited supply of energy in the cove. Best to charge-up all your gadgets beforehand. There are charging stations though and it costs 50php. It’s zero signal in the cove which means total cut off from the world outside.

Nagsasa Cove

From Pundaquit alone, you will already see beautiful orange/yellow mountains. The mountains are mostly covered with orange/yellow grasses. Should I worry or should I be amazed? I’m not sure. It just looks so beautiful because I don’t see mountains like this in Cebu or in any other places that I’ve been to. We were so lucky that the sky was clear and the sun was up that day and the day after that that it gave us vibrant colors of the mountains and the sea. The water wasn’t that rough too.

And this is our journey to middle earth…

Took us almost an hour to reach Nagsasa Cove. It was like watching a movie in theater. We were seated there in a small boat as we sailed on to the endless breathtaking view of huge rocks and mountains. It was so surreal. And then the music starts playing at the back of my head. The soundtrack from the movie The Hobbit. If you are a fan of the movie, you’ll know what I mean :).

Anawangin Cove

After breakfast, we moved to Anawangin Cove. To our dismay, the place was already crowded. From a private area with open view of the beach, we are now in a crowded camp site with fences blocking the view of the beach. No more overflowing water nearby and a hammock for us. No more private CR. We have to line-up each we will use the CR.

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