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Paragliding in Armenia

If flying is one of your dreams, then paragliding is the closest you can get. I think paragliding should be in everyone’s bucket-list. You don’t have to be a licensed flyer because these days there is what they called “tandem paragliding” which will allow anybody to experience paragliding.

I admit I am one of those who chicken out from base jumping, bungee jumping and most especially sky diving. I hate jumping because I hate the feeling of falling. Well paragliding is different because you don’t jump, you just glide and it is one of the most enjoyable ride I have tried.

Little did I know, if it weren’t through a friend of my aunt, that paragliding is available in Armenia. And little did I know that the country exist. Knowing how big the world is, most of us only know popular cities or countries. Growing up in Asia, I have not yet come across other small countries in other parts of the world especially in Eurasia.

Since I have moved to Dubai, I have slowly discovered nearby countries which includes Armenia.

In our 5 day trip to Armenia, paragliding was the highlight.

Why You Should Paraglide in Armenia?

  1. Armenia has high chances of flyable weather. Paragliding season runs from May until November.

  2. They have different launching place which includes Aparan, Lake Sevan, Buzhakan, Mt. Atis, Dilijan. In our trip, we launched at Sevan Mountain Range which has an overlooking view of the breathtaking Sevan Lake.

  1. The country is mountainous which are safe to fly.

  1. It is not crowded in the paragliding site as there are very few paragliding tours in the whole country. During our trip, only our group did the paragliding tour that day.

  1. Paragliding tour here is the most reasonable compared to nearby countries like Georgia which also offers paragliding tours.

Where To Book a Paraglide Tour?

  1. I highly recommend you book with Sky Club – Paragliding Club. They are the pioneering in paragliding in Armenia. Armen Sargsyan together with his sister Anna manages this tour. Armen is an instructor himself who in my opinion is a pro instructor. He can do tricks which will give excitement to his passengers. If you are fearless enough and wants to experience some 360 degree turn up in the air, then you can request for him as your instructor 😉

  2. Email:

  3. Whatsapp (Anna): +374 94 060586

How Much Does Paragliding Cost?

  1. With Sky Club – Paragliding Club it only costs 43000 AMD which includes transportation from Glide Hostel to the launching area, paragliding with instructor, and GoPro videos and photos. This is the most reasonable paragliding tour that I have known based from my research of paragliding tours in Armenia.

What To Prepare?

  1. Since it will be a whole day event, I advise you bring food and water. Once you are up in the air, it will get really cold so it is best to bring jacket and don’t forget your sunglasses to protect your eyes from too much light from the sun.

Now, are you ready to tick-off “paragliding” in your bucketlist? I already did.

For any comments, suggestions, or questions about our paragliding tour or if you just want to share your experience and give some tips, feel free to leave a message at the comment box below or send us an email at

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