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Taking Over the Lion City (Part 1 of 4)

What a perfect way to celebrate the first year of being independent than to visit The Lion City! But really, I just fitted everything that has been going on in my life lately. 🙂 So it begins. . .

My friends and I have been preparing for this first trip since surpassing college, but actually we just found a seat sale, so yeah, here we are. Unfortunately, one of my friends couldn’t make it so that was sad. But the excitement keeps kicking in since this will be my first travel broad, I have mixed emotions: happy, nervous, still can’t believe I’m about to start my travel dreams. It took approximately 4 hours from Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) to Changi International Airport(SIN). Their airport was so big and beautiful, and with freeWi-Fi!

Our flight schedule allowed us to arrive at Singapore around 12am so we definitely qualified for a late check in. We stayed at Five Stones Hostel located at 61 South Bridge Road at Clarke Quay. Since operating hours are from 8am to 9pm only, they gave us instructions on what to do when we arrived.

Late check in names are posted at the entrance elevator and keys to our room were placed at the locker beside it. The hostel is pretty satisfying given the rates they offer, plus they are accessible since MRT is close by, and a bus stop is just right in front of their entrance. If you wish to inquire, you can visit their website: One thing you should have when you’re in Singapore is the EZ Link card, this card gives you the convenience of not having to pay in cash the fares in commuting around the country.

So behold my friends. . . These are the treasured people that I would be sharing this whole trip with.

So I have mentioned that our hostel is just near the Clarke Quay MRT Station. We started our day early that’s why the station looks empty, and everywhere was so clean. There are loading stations for the EZ link card located just around the stations.

While waiting for the MRT to HarbourFront Station, we just had to snap a picture. Haha!

Entrance to a whole new exciting world!

The Universal globe. The only time our tripod was used!

Candylicious is just outside the USS, I’m so happy I finally got to be here! Lots of candies and chocolates of any kind.

This would be like the Rio Grande Rapids Ride in Enchanted Kingdom, but more exciting with scary dinosaurs!

Going to The Mummy ride.

The entrance to my favorite ride just because I wasn’t expecting all of it!

Battle Star Galactica ride would probably be the scariest roller coaster yet for me! The red one is when you’re in a sitting position, the blue one is when you like to be hanging around. Of course, we opted for the blue one!

Transformers ride is the most AWESOME and COOLEST of all. You feel like you’re actually with the Autobots fighting the Decepticons!

These are the rides that I suggest you shouldn’t miss, I, myself, would want to ride them all over and over again but the long lines wouldn’t permit but they are really worth the wait. We also watched the 4D Shrek, WaterWorld and The Monster Rock Musical shows.

My first ever 4D movie!

The sun was kinda shy that day, but it never stopped us from having the time of our lives!

Gloomy day in WaterWorld!

Their intro was VERY interactive, you’ll have to watch personally if you wanna know why. 😉

Actor on a jet ski!

The Monster Rock musical show.

One thing that this amusement park has is the interactive splash they give you in every awesome experience you’ll ever have. But if you’re not in for the rides and shows, which I doubt, strolling and eating around USS is not such a boring thing at all. Seeing the mascots and people in costumes, or the sightings around are just as enjoyable as the rides and shows.

In a far, far away land. . .

I was surprised to see some of the former Streetboys are here, they now call themselves, the Rockafellas!

The Amazing Twins, and they moved symmetrically!

Yet another Twin, Mummy guards with their very healthy bodies. 🙂

Cookie Monster got a lot of fans, I had to steal a shot from him!

Mel’s Dinettes dancing just outside Mel’s Diner. Talented crew.

Mr. Po was kinda busy, but we had to fall in line just so we can hug him!

All of that adventure will surely make you thirsty. Good thing they got these cool tumblers which you can refill with any drink you like in every stall you can find for as low as 2SGD. USS day was so much fun, this entry would take forever to write if I had to share all the fun in details! So since we are in Sentosa Island, we decided to visit the other stations as well.

Had to make a wish! 🙂

Next stop, to Imbiah Station where we strolled around outside Imbiah Lookout. If you are a nature lover, then Imbiah Lookout is perfect for you. We weren’t able to try the attractions there since we don’t have any more time for that day. The biggest Merlion in the country, I think, is also located here, but this particular Merlion doesn’t spit any water.

The bad ass Merlion, and the cutey Merlion.

View of the entrance at Imbiah Lookout.

The last station in Sentosa Island, the Beach Station. The name itself is called because this place is where the beaches and resorts are located.

Shops at the Beach Station.

We wouldn’t want to miss the Songs of the Sea show! This is intended to be at night because of the effects the show is going to be full of.

One of the show’s effects, where they just used water together with the lights to form the characters. Cool, huh?

Finale of the show. Water tricks!

So that wraps up our first day in Singapore. Stay tuned for the upcoming days! 🙂

Guest post by: Maria Johanna Ybañez

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