Things to Prepare Before Taking a Road Trip to Iceland

We have listed the essential equipment/items that we found very helpful during our 7-day road trip around Iceland.


Photography Equipment


  1. Sony A7 III - I love this mirrorless camera because it is light and compact. It is perfect for travel photography and it takes very sharp images.

  2. Canon 16-35mm f4 lens - I used this lens for taking wide-angle shots. I also used it for taking long exposure shots of waterfalls and the beach. It takes sharp images.

  3. Canon 85mm f1.8 lens - This is my favorite lens for taking portraits if I want to separate the subject from the background. I take this for my portraits and if I want to capture something from a distance. It takes sharp images.

  4. K&F Concept ND Filter 77 mm CPL&ND2-ND32 2 in 1 Multifunctional Neutral Density Filter and CPL Filter Polarising Filter - I bought this specifically for this trip because I wanted to try taking long-exposure shots of waterfalls. I have never done any long-exposure photography with an ND filter before and this ND filter was very handy for a first-timer like me. It is also affordable.

  5. Think Tank Small Emergency Rain Cover - I bought this specifically for this trip and it was very useful. The weather in Iceland is very unpredictable so this kept my camera dry when it’s raining. It was also very useful when I take photos of the waterfalls.

  6. Osprey Ultralight Rain cover for 10-20L Packs (XS) - I always have this whenever we go on a hike and I have to carry my backpack. It kept my backpack dry all the time.

  7. Rollei Compact Traveler No. 1 Tripod - I love this tripod because it’s light to carry especially when traveling. I use this mostly if I have to take long-exposure shots.

Clothes and Shoes


  1. Puffer Jacket - I used Superdry’s Fuji Slim 3 in 1 jacket on top of two layers of clothes which kept me dry and warm. I used it even when it was raining. It kept me dry and it also dries quickly. It has a hoodie with faux fur so if it gets too windy, I could quickly put it on and it would shield me from the freezing wind.

  2. Hiking Boots - There are a lot of hiking opportunities in Iceland, so it’s best to wear hiking boots that would be suitable for rugged and wet terrains. I used Columbia Women’s 100MW Mid Outdry Hiking Shoe. It’s super sturdy, dry, and comfortable for long walks.

  3. Hiking Socks - For a much more comfortable hiking experience, I highly recommend using hiking socks. I used Classic Merino Wool Hiking Socks, which were affordable and came in 3 packs. It is thick and comfortable.



  1. Green Cell Inverter for car 12V to 230V, 500W / 1000W Pure sine - We bought this specifically for this trip. It was a good investment. We could charge all our gadgets including our laptops.

  2. Safetravel.is App - Download this app or check their website (https://safetravel.is/) daily before you start your trip. It will provide you with up-to-date weather forecasts and road conditions in Iceland. We learned to use their website frequently after our terrifying experience when we were on our way to one of our destinations.

  3. Icelandic Krona - Bring some cash, especially Icelandic coins. You will need this when you have to use toilets or hot showers in Iceland. Not all toilets/showers accept credit cards, so make sure to take coins with you on your road trip.