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Camping in Hald Ege

When I think of Hald Ege, what comes to mind are the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, swimming in the cold lake, the herd of running horses, the 20 km hike, and the ruins.

One of my favorite camping locations in Denmark is the one in Hald Ege. It is a popular destination among outdoor enthusiasts. It has many different trails for hikers, cyclists and equestrians. It has camping sites with overlooking view of the beautiful lake called Hald Sø.

Where to Camp in Hald Ege?

We found two camping sites when we were in Hald Ege. One that is in the middle of the forest protected with trees and has a view of the lake although mostly covered with branches from the trees. We chose to camp here because it is easy to access and we are protected from the strong wind.

Another camping site is close to Ishuset (The Ice Cream House) Dollerup Bakker. That location has a beautiful overlooking view of the lake. It is open and it can be windy so we did not stay there although there are a few campers who camped there.

Here’s an overview map of Hald Sø with markings on the two camp sites we found in the area.

Map overview

Here’s a closer view.

First location (this is where we camped)

Second location

What to Do in Hald Ege?

There are so many beautiful sights around Hald Ege and we decided to hike all around Hald Sø to visit each of the sights around the area. We hiked for 20 km and I ended up exhausted but it was worth it. It is possible to go around the lake but you cannot just walk close to the lake because some areas are private properties so sometimes we have to take the main road. After that experience, I learned to totally trust google maps. Sometimes we encountered paths which were not shown in google maps and attempted to walk there but ended up in dead ends.

The Manor House of Hald

A beautiful place to roam around especially during sunrise. Near the manor, there’s a big old cottage just beside the road which houses information about the history of Hald Ege and it has toilet with tissue and water which you can use for free. Behind the cottage is the Naturskole by Hald where you can find more toilets, faucets and benches for meal breaks and a huge parking area which you can also use for free.

Hald Ruin

Close from The Manor House is a castle ruin built in 1528. It’s best to come here early in the morning to have the place all to your self.

Dollerup Bakker

I recommend this place for a perfect dinner location. There are few benches you can use here to have a picnic while enjoying the fresh air and breathtaking view of the lake. It is just very close from Ishuset. Also expect the company of some horses which are roaming freely close to the area.

Dollerup Badebro

Make a descent from Ishuset by following the trail and you will find this popular bathing area in Dollerup.


A popular swimming area in Hald Sø. We ended our very long hike by taking a very cold swim here. It is a beautiful place and you shouldn’t miss it. It can get crowded but there’s enough space for everyone and it has a parking area nearby. I forgot to take a picture of the lake except for this beautiful trail on the way to the lake.

This is our hiking map. We encountered some obstacles on the first part of our hike because we just followed small paths that don’t even show in google maps. We got stuck in muds and got scratches from tall, stinging grasses and ended up in a private property.

Here’s a short video clip of our trip.

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