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Dream Trip: Coron (Day 2)

Everyone in town are all busy for this big day. This is the day of Kasadyaan Festival of Coron, a thanksgiving to their patron saint San Agustin. Everyone was up early except for me, Maiza and Maria. How ironic. We were the ones who slept early that night but we were the ones who woke up late. Me and Maiza originally planned to wake up at 4am so we could climb Mt. Tapyas but we failed on that mission. And we’ve set that aside for now. We could do it tomorrow then, on our last day. And that we promised ourselves. We caught up with the rest of the group as we headed to Centro Coron again for our breakfast. We had to do it quick coz we will be having a courtesy call with Mayor Fems Reyes afterwards.

Because the trip to the lakes in Coron will only take a few minutes, we were able to squeeze in in our schedule this short trip to Kayangan Lake. We thought we would be going home without visiting this lake. I’m so glad we were able to visit it. They said you have not totally visited Coron if you were not able to visit Kayangan Lake.

All I was holding on to my mind since the day I learned of Coron was this image…

I know we should be climbing a mountain to get to this view. But we don’t know where this is. We were all excited going up the mountain so we walked ahead of the others only to find ourselves in this stairs taking us down to the lake.

This is not the view I was expecting. Not the one I was imagining the whole time. I was confused. I was in doubt whether I should continue walking down or should I just wait for the others up here. But I continued walking anyway because ahead of me lies a very beautiful lake.

Gladly we met up with the rest and they told us where to find the view we were looking for. The path going there is not remarkable unless someone would actually point to you the way. There’s a cave there and in front is the view we’ve been wanting to see. Standing up there and looking at the view made me realize, I was truly living my dream. This is CORON! At last, it finally sink in.

We went back at 12noon. Had our lunch and went to see the dance competition at the open court just right in front the municipal hall. We had a hard time finding a good spot but eventually we were able to find one just right in front, below the stage. And click, click, click as we enjoyed taking pictures and watching the presentations at the same time.

After the dance competition, we were invited to have a merienda at Asia Grand View Hotel. It was supposed to be a merienda, you know where you eat a small amount of food just enough to fill in your stomach but it turned to be our dinner as well. The food they served was really good we can’t help ourselves from taking another round. We also got the privilege to take a tour around the lovely resort.

Because we were already full, we were not able to consume all the food that was prepared for us for dinner at Bistro Coron.

After dinner, we went first to the funfair to buy pasalubong before we went inside the gymnasium where the Mutya ng Coron was held. It was crowded. Lots of people inside and outside the gym. We thought we could no longer find a seat but when we presented our ticket, the staff guided us to our seats and we were seated just right below where the judges seat. We enjoyed it a lot because we got a good view of the whole night’s event.

Our night ended with a few drinks and food (again) at Kawayanan Grill Station. We were spoiled. I think I gained weight during this trip. Then we recall on our mission which is to climb Mt. Tapyas at 4am. Tomorrow’s our last chance coz it’s our last day.

Check out our next post about our last day in Coron to find out what happened (whether we failed or passed on our mission).

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