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Exploring the Ancient World of Ayutthaya

Ancient temples make me feel like I’m in another world, in another time, like I’m in a fantasy movie.

When I was standing right in front of it, it looks like it was just a big picture. But when I touched it,  felt it – I knew it was real.

On our second day, we traveled to the old ancient capital city of Thailand – Ayutthaya. We took the 3rd class train that leaves at 9:25 am. The fare was pretty cheap (15 THB) but it took 2 hours to reach Ayutthaya. For only a day tour in Ayutthaya, this was not the best option. Anyway, it was still fun. We get to chat to some local vendors inside the train and we also met some friendly German tourists and enjoyed the view along the way.

From Ayutthaya train station, we crossed the river for only 4 THB. When we reached the other side of the river, we met a very helpful Thai (who happened to be a tuk-tuk driver) and he escorted us to the market where we had our lunch. We don’t know what his intentions were but he never bothered asking us to rent his tuk-tuk. We just told him we needed to find a restaurant and a bicycle we could rent and  he willingly helped us. When we found out that there were no longer enough bicycles we could rent, that was the only time he offfered us his tuk-tuk. We agreed at a price of 720 THB for the whole tuk-tuk (each one of us only had to pay 90 THB).

cute Thai girl we met in the market

This will be a day of great ancient temple hopping and also the day where we had to say goodbye to our newly found Indonesian friend 😦 .

Each temple’s entrance fee costs only 50 THB for tourists but free for Thais. We acquired free access to each temple we visited (except for Wat Chainwathanaram) since we looked like Thais 🙂 .

Wat Phrasi Sanphet

Just right across Wat Phrasi Sanphet is another temple which was also beautiful but we were not able to explore it as it was closed.

Wat Lokoyasutha

Wat Mahathat

The last, most picturesque and the farthest temple…

Wat Chaiwatthanaram

Ayutthaya was filled with so many temples, some were still intact but some were really ruined. It was nice to see that they have preserved these places.

Going back home, we took the minibus (van) which costs 60 THB. It was spacious, comfortable and a whole lot faster than our train escapade earlier.

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