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Ilocos (Tour in the North)

There is more to see in Ilocos than just the windmills. That’s what I realized after our trip.

We did some research and found some interesting tourist spots in Ilocos. But the pictures we saw from our research are just snippets of what we are about to see. It’s different. It’s more beautiful.

The Ilocos Norte tour starts after our sand dunes adventure. The tourist spots we’ll be visiting are just along the way. That was indeed very convenient. Our driver already knows where to take us. We had our lunch in our van to save time going to our first stop.

Our first stop is in Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. The view from up there is really breathtaking. The wind is very strong.

You will see a lot of souvenir items for sale at the parking lot. The most common items sold are the mini Bangui windmills which come of different sizes and colors. I enjoyed this cute stuff. They are made for key chains, ref magnets, pencil holders and just figurines for display.

While on our way to our next destination, we made a quick stop to take a photo in this place which was just along the road. Even just along the road, you’ll be blown by the beautiful landscapes in Ilocos.

We (the girls) had to struggle with our hair because the wind would sway it in different directions. When I think of Ilocos, I’ll think of its strong winds.

Our second destination is Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. Aside from Bangui Windmill, this is what I was excited to see in this tour. Going to the rock formation from the parking lot was kinda exciting for me. We had to go down some few steps then walk inside a tunnel of bushes and walk on a bridge which reminds me of Game of Thrones.

They no longer allow tourists to stand on the white rock formations. This is the closest we could get to the rock formation.

If you happen to pass by an old lady selling ice candy after you cross the bridge from the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, I suggest you buy her ice candy. It really tastes good and I mean it.

Our third destination is the popular Bangui Windmill. A dream come true to finally stand beside it and stare at its very huge size. It’s really beautiful. The wind there was very very strong, hence the perfect place to put the windmills. And what also amuse me were the very huge waves on the beach.

There were also a few souvenir shops there which sell mini Bangui windmills.

Third stop is Patapat Viaduct. It was just a quick stop. It started raining when we reached Patapat Viaduct and it gets very cold.

Then we moved on to our last stop which is the Agua Grande before we head to Pagudpud where we’ll be spending the night.

I never imagined I would get to see places like these in Philippines.

You’ll see a lot of things when you go out there and explore the place yourself and bring some cool friends who share your passion.

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