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Kawasan Falls Revisited

As far as I can remember, I was only in elementary when I last visited Kawasan Falls with my family and other relatives. That memory was one of the most memorable one and the picture of Kawasan still lingers in my mind. A beautiful one. I’ve always wanted to be back to see it again and check if it would still look the same.

It’s September and what we expect during this month is a gloomy, rainy and windy weather. Traveling to places that will require a boat ride is not a good idea and that’s what frustrates me. I wanted to go on a vacation and I’ve listed places and planned it with my friends. Sambawan Island, Biri Island and Kalanggaman Island are on top of the list but then we got feedback from people who’s already been there that it’s not a good place to go during this month. It will be dangerous considering the unfriendly waves we’ll encounter going there. We couldn’t risk it. I gave up on my plans. Until one day, out of nowhere, an idea popped out of my head. Kawasan Falls! Weather like this will never be a hindrance plus the trip is budget friendly. We will just have to get on that bus and poof! We’re there!

We finalized our trip a day before the actual trip.

Budget: 500 (but we prepared an extra money in case of emergency)

Meet-up place: South Bus Terminal

Meet-up time: 5am

I contacted a friend whose been to Kawasan Falls and knows the place pretty well since she grew up near the area. On the day of the trip, we first had to take our breakfast at 7-eleven located just right across South Bus Terminal, bought some water and paper plates and plastic cups as well. Then headed to the terminal and took the bus with the sign board Bato via Barili.

Note: Fare is 117php

The weather was cooperating. It was all sunny when a week ago it was rainy and windy.

It was a 3-hour-ride going to Badian. Upon arriving in Badian, we stopped at the wet market to buy fish and pork which we’ll prepare for lunch and puso and other things we’ll need for cooking.

Good thing we came across my friend’s store (Singson’s Store) also located in Badian market where we bought some soft drinks and borrowed a knife (we missed it in our planning) and plates.

From Badian market we hopped on a multicab that was supposed to take us to Brgy. Matutinao (the drop off place before the hike to Kawasan Falls) but it got a flat tire when we were halfway there. We’re in the middle of the road under the heat of the sun and it was almost noon. We tried to put on a hitch hand sign for every car that passes but it looks like it only works in movies. We were helpless. We couldn’t find a public vehicle around the area. So we decided to take a walk at least there was a little progress and it could bring us some meters nearer our destination and we could also enjoy the view along the way.

Luckily after a few minutes’ walk, a bus came and we hitched a ride. The driver didn’t ask for a payment.

It was a 30-minute hike going to Kawasan Falls. Then it came back to me, a memory. A flashback from the first time I came here. I could still remember the river that drifted my cousin’s slippers. And the rest, it doesn’t look the same anymore. I couldn’t remember it like this anymore. I could never locate the grassy and muddy road we used to walk before. It must have been here somewhere but all new and different and developed or maybe now built with houses. There are lots of houses now than it was back then.

We didn’t stop at the first falls; we opted to stay on the second one way up the mountain. Climbed a narrow and slippery path where our knees meet with our stomach. It was a bit challenging going up there.

It wasn’t crowded yet when we arrived so we were able to get the best spot. We settled our things on a cottage and then started preparing our lunch. The owner of the cottage let us cook at their kitchen. They even let us borrow some utensils and cutting board. They were really nice and they never asked for a payment. We finished cooking just right about the clock strikes to twelve.

Note: cottage rent cost 300php

I could say our food was satisfactory. I don’t know if I was just being biased because I helped cooking it or it just really tastes good. 🙂

When we were already fed up, it’s time to enjoy the falls! We rented a raft for 300php good for one hour. We decided to cut the hour into half. So we could take a rest and eat in between.  We thought that’s all we had to pay, but then the two guys who maneuvered our raft asked for a separate payment for their service which is worth 200php. They said they don’t get paid for the 300php which we paid to the owner of the raft. So we agreed anyway.

Since I don’t know how to swim, I rented a life jacket for 50php which is good for the whole duration of our stay there. A guy offered to take our pictures from the cottage while we were rafting. He also asked for just any amount. I wasn’t warned about this. Now I know almost everything here comes at a price.

It was my first time to go under the falls. I now know how it feels to be taking a shower under it. It was fun only if you don’t go under the threads of water that would fall heavily. It could hurt you and even break your bones. We walked through the smooth waterfall and let it washed off all our stress and replaced it with a fresh and wonderful memory.

The water was really really cold that there are times when we have to just sit at the corner of the raft away from the water to heat up our selves again. It was so much fun. Playing like kids, dancing right under the waterfalls and jumping off from the top of the waterfalls (actually only two guys from our group did this). We do it repeatedly and enjoy it every time.

We went home at around 3pm so we could reach Cebu early, take a rest and be ready for a new set of stress.  Oh well, at least we were able to unload some of it on this trip.

Who says a trip with seven people isn’t fun? I was able to go on a trip with 2-3 friends before; having seven people now is more than I could ask for. And I had so much fun!

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