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I fell in love twice… with Malapascua

I’ve never explored Malapascua this much on my first trip in the island. I fell inlove with it before; I fell in love with it now even more. My three-day stay has taught me a lot about this beautiful island.

I learned how to be calm during a typhoon.

Storms are nothing new to the locals. We arrived there the same day typhoon Basyang hit Cebu. When we saw huge and strong waves hitting our neighbor’s walls (in the middle of the night), we started panicking and decided to evacuate. The wind was indeed very strong. We were pretty scared thinking a storm surge would happen any time. But then we saw a few locals who were walking outside not worried about any storm surge but worried about their pump boats. Talking to them helped us calm down and we decided to drop the idea of evacuating.

I was impressed by their bayanihan.

The storm left lot of wastes/debris along the shore. But people responded quickly. Early in the morning almost everyone was up to clean up the debris. They have suffered worst than this, especially with what happened during typhoon Yolanda. It may have destroyed their homes but not their spirit.

The island is a kid’s paradise.

I met a lot of kids and saw them play. I envy them. If only I grew up in a place like this, my childhood would be very very very memorable. They can do a lot of things. They can go from playing a popular game called Star Game, to padidit, to racing with boats made of polystyrene foam and to just collecting different kinds of corals.

I found a beautiful secluded beach.

The beach is found in Los Bamboos. Only a very few tourists visit this place. The sand is fine and white. The water is cold. The place is very quiet. It feels like we own the place. And the kids around are very friendly.

For a person like me who loves a peaceful white sand beach with fewer crowds, I’ll choose Malapascua over Boracay .


The best place to watch the sunset is at Blue Corals Resort’s mini bar.

The best place to watch the sunrise is near Dano Beach Resort.

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