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DIY travel planning made easier for unforgettable adventures!

We share detailed itineraries, beautiful landscape photos, and exciting videos from our travels to inspire and help you in your next adventure.

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We're always looking for new places to explore

DIY Trippers is dedicated to sharing our DIY tours to Asia, Europe, and beyond.

We hope our travel experiences will show you how you can have fun, excitement, practicality, and a sense of accomplishment on DIY trips.

About us

Explore, Capture, and Discover

Let us guide you to the world's hidden gems, inspire you with our beautiful landscape photos, and equip you with essential tips for a seamless and rewarding travel adventure. Start your exploration today!


Uncover the world's most enchanting destinations through our meticulously crafted travel blog section.

Kirkufellsfoss mountain and a waterfall in Iceland
Kirkufellsfoss mountain and a waterfall in Iceland


Discover stunning landscapes through our captivating Photography section, igniting your wanderlust and inspiring your own adventures.

Man with a backpack standing in front of a lake with snow covered mountain in the backgrou

Travel Tips

Unlock the secrets of seamless travel with our invaluable Travel Tips, offering expert advice and insider knowledge to enhance every aspect of your DIY trips.

Roadtrip in Norway in 6 days

 6 Days in Norway: The Ultimate Road Trip Guide (with map)

While on our 6-day road trip in Norway, we wild camped in one of the scenic routes, traveled on a single-lane winding steep road, saw reindeer and moose in the wild, slept next to a stunning lake, hiked to a majestic waterfall, took a scenic train ride, drove through multiple tunnels, had a sauna near a lake, and explored fairytale towns by the fjords.

Embark on the Ultimate European Road Trip Adventure!

Discover the best routes, hidden gems, and insider tips for an unforgettable journey. Join us as we share captivating stories, breathtaking photos, and practical advice from our own epic road trip experiences across Europe.

White sand beach in Boracay with coconut tree.

Discover the Most Breathtaking Beaches in Asia

Dive into the serene beauty of Asia's stunning beaches. From pristine white sands to turquoise waters, explore a curated selection of Asia's most breathtaking coastal wonders. Uncover hidden gems, indulge in tropical bliss, and get inspired to plan your next beach getaway in this captivating collection of Asian beach destinations.

Boat on a lake in a sunny day

Unveiling the Best Camping Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Explore the best camping destinations for unforgettable adventures. From rugged mountains to serene lakeside retreats, discover a handpicked selection of camping havens. Immerse yourself in nature, experience breathtaking landscapes, and create lasting memories under the starry skies. Get ready to pitch your tent and embark on extraordinary camping experiences in these idyllic destinations.

Stegastein’s viewpoint fjord

Explore the World's Diverse Countries

Embark on a virtual journey around the globe as we unveil a comprehensive collection of countries, each with its own unique allure and travel possibilities, inspiring you to explore the world one destination at a time.

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